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May the Road Rise Up to Meet You | KEV Talks Podcast Farewell

In May the Road Rise Up to Meet You, I say goodbye to the 'KEV Talks Podcast' listeners and guests from my 5 years of podcasting.May the road rise up to meet you.May the wind be always at your back.May the sun shine warm upon your face;the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,may God hold you in the palm of His hand.Stay safe, wash your hands, and Godspeed y’all,Kevin

How You Can Influence the Influencers John C. Maxwell Style | Foundations Friday #106

Providing practical considerations to the John Maxwell Company, list 7 Factors that Influence Influence (or Influencers)Read the original list at John C. Maxwell's book Good Leaders Ask Great Questions at

Helping Fathers Live Legendary with The Dad Edge Founder Larry Hagner | KEV Talks Podcast #36

In this episode of the KEV Talks Podcast, meet Larry Hagner, the visionary behind The Dad Edge – a platform that inspires men to create and sustain strong relationships with their spouses and children, while also achieving overall wellness in various aspects of their lives. During our conversation, Larry opened up about his personal journey of growing up without a reliable father figure, and how he drew valuable insights from his experiences to establish The Dad Edge. He also offered practical advice on how we can improve communication with our kids and nurture our marriages through proactivity.Read more about The Dad Edge at

The Power of Proactivity | Foundations Friday #105

Being proactive is a power. It enables us to prepare our minds for hardship better, and proactive Public Safety leaders and Project Managers can provide better contingency plans. In the realm of Public Safety, taking proactive planning action saves lives. For Project Managers, a proactive planning approach saves time, money, and resources, and keeps the quality of our team's work high.Join me for this episode inspired by my soon-to-be-released interview with Larry Hagner of The Dad Edge ( as I expand on my thoughts and share more advantages to the proactive mindset over the reactive one.Godspeed y'all.

The Right Move at the Wrong Time is the Wrong Move | Foundations Friday #105

In The Right Move at the Wrong Time is the Wrong Move | Foundations Friday #105, I share Rener Gracie's quote on episode #399 of the Jocko Podcast. I also share how Project Managers and Planning Section Chiefs should consider this sentiment when pulling together multi-disciplinary teams.Rener Gracie's book is available on Amazon (no affiliate)Listen to Jocko Podcast #399 with Rener GracieHope is NOT a plan - No egos - No silos - Godspeed