Once you learn and practice leadership skills, those skills will help you in all areas of your life, not just your professional life. In this podcast, we discuss leadership skills but also encourage building a community to learn from one another. Thought Leadership IS the future of Leadership!

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133. Let’s Go On A Mission…YOU!!!!

Last week, I told to you create a Vision statement for yourself.  Get creative and just write.  What would you like to be and have others see in you?  If you missed it, go back to episode 132 and get busy.  This week on the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast, it’s time to go on a Mission.  I’ll show you how to take key phrases from your Vision Statement and create a Mission of who you will be and what your principles are.  Don’t create a “New Year’s Resolution” that won’t be around after January 5th.  Invest in yourself.  The best way to predict your future is to create it.

132. Create The Best Version Of You…Part 1

Alright……it’s almost the end of the year.  It’s a typical time for people to start thinking about goals for next year.  Don’t waste your time on a “resolution” that fail 9 out of 10 times.  YOU need to invest in yourself.  I’m not even talking about a financial investment.  I’m talking about really creating your roadmap for yourself.  You need 3 things: A Vision, A Mission and A Strategy.  On this week’s episode of the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast, we talk about Step 1: Creating a Vision.  This is the first of a 3-part series to get you ready to go to create the best version of YOU!

131. Most Downloaded Replay-Culture Eats Execution

We’ve all heard the expression, short term gain-long term pain.  That’s what happens when teams are managed through fear like, hit these numbers or else.  It’s also an incredibly lazy way to lead people. In fact, I wouldn’t consider you a leader if this is what you do.  On this week’s episode on the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast, I’ll explain that your Culture level will determine your level of Execution.  Don’t think that wow, I don’t have the time or energy to create a strong Culture.  The reality is, creating the right Culture is actually more about a change in mindset before actually doing anything. Sure, you can have some execution based on force or tough love or the old do it or I’ll find someone who will.  You will win in the short term, but you won’t build anything.  You won’t build a team or create opportunities you didn’t even know you had. The fact that you’re listening to a podcast says you are not that kind of leader.  Take a short 24-minute journey into how you can drive Execution with a very strong Culture.

130. Is It Always The Manager’s Fault???

The short answer is yes.  But…….managers are people too.  Most managers do want to help others and do a good job.  In this week’s episode of the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast, I’ll discuss the 5 biggest frustrations with managers and more importantly, how you can implement small changes this week to really grow your leadership and your team. Check out this article about 4 Things Managers Wish They Knew before starting their role. Let’s Connect on LinkedIn:  

129. Beware of the Servant Leadership Trap

As leadership strategies go, Servant Leadership is definitely the most effective for long-term team growth and achievements.  There are definitely pitfalls and problems you’ll want to avoid to not fall into the Servant Leadership Trap.  On this week’s episode of the Leadership Lifestyle Podcast, I’ll share 10 major pitfalls of servant leadership, but more importantly, give you 5 things to focus on to make sure your leadership is impactful and gets results!!! Let’s connect on LinkedIn: