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World’s Worst Podcast Episode – MDW396

Summary: In this episode (#396) of Mike Dell’s World, aired on November 9th, 2023, Mike Dell reflects on his previous podcast episode, which he dubs as potentially the world’s worst, entirely created with AI tools. He walks through the process of using ChatGPT for scripting, Descript for voice training, and AI for generating episode artwork. Mike shares his experiences with podcast apps, switching from Overcast to Castamatic, and recommends others for users to try. He updates listeners on his shoulder surgery recovery, the convenience of passive exercises, and the adjustments he’s had to make during his recovery, including hiring help for yard work. Mike also talks about dealing with a planned power outage during his wife’s birthday celebration and plans for the next podcast episode during this disruption. Key Points: – Mike Dell’s experiment with a fully AI-produced podcast episode. – Tools used for the episode: ChatGPT for scripting, Descript for voice training, AI for artwork. – Discussion about various podcast apps and a personal switch to Castamatic. – Updates on shoulder surgery recovery and adjustments in daily life. – Upcoming birthday party for Mike’s wife and coping with a planned power outage. Mentioned Podcast Apps: – Podcast Guru – Castamatic (recommended by Mike, possibly iOS only) – Podverse (for live shows) – Podcast Addict (for Android users) Resources: – For new podcast apps, visit:,, or Closing: Continue tuning into Mike Dell’s World and hints at a potentially pre-recorded episode due to the power outage and birthday celebrations.

The Role of AI in Podcasting Today – MDW395

World 395 for November 8th 2023 Hello, everyone! Welcome to another episode of Mike Dell’s World, where we explore the fascinating corners of technology and its impact on our daily lives. I’m your host, Mike Dell, and today, we’re delving into the intriguing world of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, and its increasing role in the podcasting universe. Podcasting has always been about the human connection—voices in our ears, telling stories, sharing knowledge, and sparking conversations. But as technology advances, AI is becoming an integral part of this audio experience. It’s transforming how we create, distribute, and even listen to podcasts. So, buckle up as we take a quick dive into this tech evolution! First off, let’s talk about content creation. AI is now assisting podcasters in scripting, with tools that help in writing more engaging and SEO-friendly content. Imagine having an AI co-writer that suggests topics based on trending data or even helps to fine-tune your language for better clarity and impact. Then there’s the production side of things. AI-driven software can now mix and master audio files, balance levels, and even remove background noise, making the editing process faster and more accessible to podcasters of all skill levels. Distribution has seen a revolution too. AI algorithms are the backbone of recommendation engines on podcast platforms, helping listeners find your show among the millions out there. And if you’re worried about discoverability, AI can optimize your podcast metadata to ensure you’re hitting the right keywords and phrases. Now, let’s get into the listening experience. Ever used a smart speaker to play your favorite podcast? That’s AI in action, folks! Voice recognition allows listeners to search and play podcasts effortlessly. And it doesn’t stop there—AI is even enabling real-time translation and transcription, breaking down language barriers and making podcasts accessible to a global audience. But with all these advancements, it’s essential to remember the heart of podcasting—the storytellers, the educators, the entertainers. AI is a powerful tool, but it’s the human touch that truly connects with listeners. As podcasters, we can harness AI to elevate our craft, but let’s not forget the art of storytelling that makes podcasting so special. So, what’s your take on AI in podcasting? Are you excited about these new tools, or do you have concerns about the role of AI in a medium so deeply personal? Drop me a line, and let’s start a conversation. That’s all for today’s episode. Thanks for tuning in to Mike Dell’s World. Be sure to subscribe for more discussions on technology, life, and the space in between. Until next time, keep on casting! As you can tell, this is an AI version of my voice. I will be back in person tomorrow with another episode for Na Pod Po Mo.

Snowfall in Northern Michigan – MDW394

Dealing with heavy snowfall during the winter months is a way of life for the residents of Northern Michigan. With an average snowfall that can exceed 100 inches in some areas, the communities have adapted in unique and effective ways. Preparation for the snow season begins early. Residents ensure their homes are well-insulated, with sufficient heating systems to withstand the biting cold. Snow tires and chains become standard for vehicles as locals aim to maintain mobility in slippery conditions. Additionally, there’s a significant investment in snowblowers and plows for personal use. The local governments also play a crucial role. Budgets for winter are carefully planned to ensure that snowplows are in good condition and ready to clear the streets. There’s a remarkable efficiency in the deployment of these services, often working throughout the night during heavy snowfall to minimize disruption to daily life. Community spirit shines through during the winter months. Neighbors often help each other, especially in assisting those who are elderly or disabled with snow removal. This camaraderie extends to sharing resources like food and water during particularly severe storms that may lead to temporary isolation. Education on dealing with winter conditions is also a key factor. Schools teach children about frostbite and hypothermia prevention, while local organizations provide winter survival tips. There are also community-led initiatives to ensure everyone has adequate clothing, such as coat drives. Despite the challenges, the residents of Northern Michigan embrace the winter season with a sense of pride and enjoyment. Winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, and ice fishing are not just recreational activities but also a part of the cultural identity of the region. In summary, Northern Michigan’s approach to managing snowfall is a blend of preparation, community support, and embracing the harsh yet beautiful winter environment. This resilience allows the region to not only endure but also thrive during the snowy months.

Beagles Rule! – MDW393

Just a couple of Beagle Rules memes read out.

A New Time – mdw392

Why do we change times 2 times a year? My Beagles didn’t get the memo…